The restaurant is in a perfect harmony, where you can find and good food and recreational. Panoramic environments with a full color, where dominates the green sensitive. The environment can make you feel cool in the summer season as well as warm in the winter.
After initial period following a traditional restaurant, in nowadays after two decades, Nari Lunder has significantly enriched its menu with different International dishes but the best resource remain the traditional culinary origin of its . The main part of the products served at the restaurant, are produced by Nari Lunder itself (vineyards, canteen, olive groves, farms, dairy) or might be produced in the surrounding area Nari Lurder, under his supervision. Functioning as a center Agro-farm in the area, offering always fresh and controlled products. This is the combination that makes every customer feel good, having the opportunity of varied choices, in their own green angle.
The Nari Lunder vineyards are an integral part of the successful history of the activity of the restaurant. There are about 200,000 m2 of vineyards owned by Nari Lunder shpk. Vineyards with the best varieties of grapes, where the main site voice muscatel grapes and square black, white. Kultimimi is a delicate process, which shows special attention to preserve the quality of its grape natural growth and without adding external element incentives, which would add to the quantity, but the quality will be lowered. With this care and with the help of the climatic conditions of the area, which the more we enrich the value of this grape, the wine reached the winery be obtained Nari Lunder. Red wine and white which is obtained from these vineyards, is a mainly young wine with a delicate flavor and a typical abundance of vineyards buqe to Lunder. This wine is totally destined for consumption in restaurants, where it is widely recognized by our customers. Also from these vineyards, cellars Nari Lunder takes grapes for the production of raki, which goes to permender muscatel grape brandy, but also produced our brandy, is outdated in oak barrels.
Olive Groves
Another important part, of who makes the delicious menus that restaurant products Nari Lunder is olive oil. This oil is always appreciated for balanced taste and bouquet clear olive is widely recognized by klietet attending our restaurant. The secret of this olive oil is to Nari Lunder. There cultivated olives from which de oil used in the restaurant. Care and our commitment to a product as the natural and quality, which always makes the difference.
Nari Lunder Farms
Nari Lunder farms is providing raw material in our restaurant, the meat of which is always known for its freshness and unique flavor. In these farms grow local breed cows and French Alpine goat, known worldwide. Caution on them is very rigorous, with frequent control and good food DIATE determined by experts, to have always healthy animals. From milk produced by them, they produced dairy products produced in the Nari restaurant Lunder, such as cheese, cottage cheese, butter, yogurt sauce, etc., where the knowledge and fugitive from our customers is the goat cheese. All this produced in dairy Nari Lunder.

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The restaurant is in a perfect harmony, where you can find and good food and recreational. Panoramic environments with a full color, where dominates the green sensitive.



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